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Unhappy with his marriage, the husband first shot and killed his wife and then committed suicide

Attempted to kill the middleman cousin who got married
. Unhappy with his marriage, a man committed suicide after shooting his wife in Muzaffarnagar. Earlier, he also tried to kill the middleman cousin who got the marriage done. During this, when a neighbor came in the middle, he also fired on him, who got injured. Police sent the dead bodies of the couple for postmortem. Weapons have also been found near the bodies of both.
Naseem, a resident of village Makhiyali in Muzaffarnagar, UP, was married to Tamanna, a resident of Loni, Ghaziabad, 4 months ago. According to the police, Naseem and Tamanna were married by Naseem’s cousin, Saddam resident Gadla. After marriage, the husband and wife were not happy with each other. There used to be a dispute between the two every day. Expressing displeasure over her marriage, Naseem called up cousin Saddam on Thursday. It was said that he did wrong by getting the two married. If sources are to be believed, Naseem had told on the phone that he would come to Saddam’s house on Friday morning. On Friday morning Naseem reached Saddam’s house with his wife Tamanna on a bike.
SP Dehat Atul Kumar Srivastava told that Naseem reached village Gadla police station area Bhopa and called Saddam. Saddam hid in the house after hearing Naseem’s voice. On which Naseem started a ruckus. Meanwhile, Saddam’s neighbor Sabir wanted to know about the matter and fired at him too. Sabir was injured due to bullet injury in the throat. After this, a lot of people gathered on the spot, then Naseem left his wife Tamanna sitting on the bike.
According to the police, Naseem shot Tamanna after reaching a street a little far from the house. After that Naseem committed suicide by shooting himself. After some time, Naseem’s wife Tamanna also died. SP Dehat told that the bodies of both were sent for postmortem. Police is conducting a detailed investigation

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