Uttarakhand can become the first state in the country to implement Uniform Civil Code

The government may present a bill in the assembly session on February 6, the law will be strict regarding live-in relationships.
. Uttarakhand will soon become the first state in the country to implement Uniform Civil Code. A bill related to Uniform Civil Code can be introduced by the government on February 6 in the extended session of the Assembly starting from February 5. Anyway, this extended session of VIS focuses on Uniform Civil Code and horizontal reservation in government service for Uttarakhand state construction agitators and their dependents.
After fixing the date for handing over the draft of the Uniform Civil Code to the government by the expert committee, all eyes are on when the government will present it in the assembly session. The government is making efforts to introduce the bill related to the Uniform Civil Code in the House on February 6.
The bill related to horizontal reservation for state agitators can be tabled in the House on the first day of the session. Apart from this, some other bills including four percent reservation for sportspersons, amendment in Panchayati Raj Act can also be presented in the House.
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Premchand Aggarwal said that the government will make efforts to present the bill related to Uniform Civil Code in the House on February 6. However, the Business Advisory Committee of the Assembly will decide when and which bill should be brought.
The picture will become clear in the coming days regarding which points have been included in the draft of the Uniform Civil Code by the expert committee, but if we look at the things emerging, then emphasis has been laid on making all the laws strict. . It is being told that more than 400 sections are mentioned in the draft. Along with making registration mandatory for live-in relationships, parental permission can be made mandatory for youth aged 18 to 21 years. Apart from this, points related to equal rights for followers of all religions, prohibition of polygamy, divorce, women’s right to property, inheritance, inheritance, adoption, compliance with local and tribal traditions and customs and personal freedom are included in the draft. Emphasis has been laid on tightening the law.

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