Uttarkashi: Body of trainee mountaineer of Nim, who was hit by avalanche on Draupadi Ka Danda peak, found after a year.

The atmosphere in the village is sad due to the news of the dead body of mountaineer Vinay, resident of Haripur Kalan, Dehradun Raiwala.

Dehradun. Vinay Panwar, a resident of Haripurkalan of Raiwala, was also among the trainee mountaineers of Nehru Mountaineering Institute (NIM) who got buried in the crevasse after being hit by an avalanche on the Draupadi Ka Danda (DKD) peak in Uttarkashi on October 4 last year. Now, after a year, on Wednesday, Vinay’s body was recovered from Draupadi Ka Danda area. Vinay, who was serving in the Indian Navy, had a dream to climb Everest. But this dream of Vinay remained buried due to an avalanche incident during mountaineering a year ago.
According to the relatives, they were informed by Nim that Vinay’s body was found. Told that on Friday the Indian Navy team will reach Vinay’s residence with his dead body. After which the last rites will be performed.
With the discovery of the dead body, the hope of survival of Vinay, who had been missing for a year, was dashed. The atmosphere of the village is sad after the news of the dead body being found. Last Thursday, nearby people and many relatives came to Vinay’s parents to console them. Mata Narayani is in bad condition due to crying. Vinay’s elder brother Deepak and father Rajendra Panwar are taking care of him.
Vinay’s dream was to climb Mount Everest. He often talked about Everest. Vinay had done the primary course in mountaineering. In the year 2019 he won Rudrakheda Pik Fateh. Last year he had gone to NIMH for a 28-day advanced course.
On the morning of October 4, 2022, the trainee and instructor team of NIM’s advanced course had left from the summit camp to climb DKD. Meanwhile, two instructors and 29 trainee climbers included in the team were caught in the avalanche. Of these, bodies of 27 were recovered last year itself, while Vinay Panwar, resident of Dehradun and resident of R-131, Sector-4, Noida (Uttar Pradesh), were taken to the doctor at Army Hospital, Lucknow. Colonel Deepak Vashishtha was missing.
This time Nim launched an expedition with his advanced course to search for these two trainee mountaineers. This campaign is being led by the Principal of NIM, Colonel Anshuman Bhadauria himself. Vinay Panwar’s body was recovered from the crevice of the incident site at DKD on Wednesday morning. The search for the second one is going on.
Inspector Dinesh Kumar posted at Uttarkashi Kotwali said that Vinay was fond of adventure sports and mountaineering since childhood. He was to get married in February 2023, but before that he passed away in an avalanche accident.

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