Video of BJP MLA Jeena from Ranikhet Salt goes viral, see what is the matter

MLA said – had only gone to get information about the tender, Municipal Corporation employees announced strike from Wednesday
BJP MLA from Salt Mahesh Jeena created a ruckus in the Municipal Corporation. It is alleged that after the tender of an acquaintance was cancelled, the MLA first abused the employees, then entered the office and misbehaved and abused the Municipal Commissioner.
This behavior of the MLA spread anger among the Municipal Corporation employees. The employees have declared a strike by halting the work of the corporation and stopping all work including cleaning from today. Employees warned that the employees will not call off the strike until the MLA apologizes.
Recently, tenders were floated by the Municipal Corporation to eliminate the legacy waste located on Sahasradhara Road. Only five companies were able to reach the technical bid. In this, three companies were thrown out for not meeting the standards. It is being told that one of these companies was known to BJP MLA Mahesh Jeena from Salt. Frustrated with the cancellation of the tender, the MLA reached the Municipal Corporation with his supporters in the afternoon. First he went to the room of Assistant Commissioner SP Joshi and asked the employees to show the tender file. SP Joshi was not present on the spot. It is being told that after this he asked the head clerk Pawan Thapa present there to show the file of whose tender is open. When the head clerk refused to show the file, it is alleged that the MLA started abusing and misbehaving with Pawan Thapa.
It is being told that when the head clerk reached the Municipal Commissioner’s office regarding this matter, MLA Mahesh Jeena also reached the Municipal Commissioner’s office. It is alleged that he had an argument with the Municipal Commissioner regarding the tender. The MLA started asking to be informed about the tender file and the shortcomings due to which his acquaintance’s tender was cancelled. When the Municipal Commissioner refused, the MLA became angry and it is alleged that he started misbehaving with the Municipal Commissioner. Hearing the noise, Municipal Corporation employees also reached there. The MLA continued to show arrogance of power in front of the employees also. Later, when more employees gathered, the MLA threatened and left there. The video of the MLA misbehaving with the Municipal Commissioner is also going viral on social media.
Now the common people will have to suffer the loss of arrogance of the ruling party MLA. The MLA’s misbehavior and abuses with the Municipal Commissioner and the employees have spread anger among the corporation employees. Expressing anger over this behavior of the MLA, the Corporation Employees Union has announced to stop all the work along with the cleaning system from today.
Employees leader Nam Bahadur, Satendra Kumar said that this kind of misbehavior with the employees and the Municipal Commissioner on the part of the MLA will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Said that he has done all this in the lust for power, but the employees will not remain silent. He said that until the MLA publicly apologizes for his behavior and no action is taken against the MLA, all the employees of the corporation will remain on boycott. The employees have stopped the garbage collection work since Tuesday night. Said that garbage collection work will come to a complete halt on Wednesday. This boycott will continue until the MLA apologizes.
On the other hand, in this matter, MLA Salt Mahesh Jeena said that the matter is being blown out of proportion by accusing him of unnecessary misbehavior. Said that one of his acquaintances had floated a tender for disposal of the legacy waste located on Sahasradhara Road. It was cancelled. The acquaintance had complained to him that the corporation officials had given the tender to their favorites without giving any reason. After his complaint he reached the corporation. After reaching there, he called the Municipal Commissioner, but he said that he was in the Secretariat. When he reached the place where the tender file was kept and asked him to show the file, he refused. Said that the person who was talking to him at that time was not an employee but someone else.
When he objected, the man reached the Municipal Commissioner’s office. There, when he asked the Municipal Commissioner for information about the tender, he refused and spoke harshly to him. Said that he was accused of pressurizing his son to get the tender. Whereas this tender was not of his son but of an acquaintance. This can also be investigated. Alleged that officers in the corporation are engaged in corruption. To benefit their favourites, they decide the terms of the tender as per their own. He had objection to this.

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