Villagers of submerged area of Jamrani Dam will be displaced to Prag Farm of Kichha.

About 300 acres of revenue land is in the name of Irrigation Department, in future the registry will be in the name of villagers.
. Category A villagers associated with the submergence area of Jamrani Dam are to be displaced to Prag Farm in Kichha. Here about 300 acres of revenue land has been transferred to the Irrigation Department. In future, it will be registered in the name of the villagers, but before that a master plan had to be made.
According to this plan, the villagers were to get all the facilities, but despite two tenders, the company could not be selected. Now tenders have been invited for the third time. The tender will open on 22 March. The Jamrani Dam case has been going on since 1975. The project was included in the PM Agricultural Irrigation Scheme in 2022. After this, the Central and State Cabinet also approved the dam project.
The most important issue was the displacement and compensation of the villagers. After the survey, 1268 people were divided into three categories. A category families are to be displaced to Prag Farm in Kichha, but before this, a master plan for the facilities of the villagers will also have to be prepared. For this, the officials of Jamrani project had planned that only a consulting company would do this work through the Chief Town Planner, but despite two tenders, the company could not be selected. Therefore the tender has been invited for the third time.
Jamrani Project Manager Himanshu Pant said that only one company had applied in the tender held on March 6. Due to which the application had to be rejected. Now the tender will open again on March 22. The villagers are to be provided facilities like roads, electricity, water, street lights, community hall, health center, veterinary hospital, park, school etc. in Gadariabagh of Prag Farm. After the tender, the company will prepare the design and also tell the cost of each construction.

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