Visiting Corbett Park becomes expensive, tourists will have to pay a total of Rs 6680 for day safari

Fees increased for photographers also, The rates applicable from the new tourist season will be updated soon on the website.

Ramnagar. From day safari, night stay to photography in Jim Corbett National Park, you will have to shell out more than before. Talking about the proposed new fee, earlier a permit of Rs 1,000 was required for a maximum of six people for a day visit (four hours) in Bijrani, Dhela, Jhirna, Durgadevi and Girija tourist zones. Now including entry fee per person, you will have to pay Rs 3380 for six people. Apart from this, Rs 800 will have to be paid separately for the guide and Rs 2500 for the gypsy.
Tourists will have to pay Rs 6680 for day safari, whereas earlier they had to pay only Rs 4300 for it. Night stay charges have also doubled. However, for Phato and Sitavani zones of the Forest Division, the price for a permit has increased by Rs 500. The fee here has now become Rs 1500. This increase made after the year 2009 will be applicable from the new tourism season, which will be updated soon on the Corbett website.
Camera charges for photographers have also been increased in Corbett. Earlier there was no charge for SLR camera movies. Now for this, Indian tourists will have to pay Rs 1,000 and foreign tourists will have to pay Rs 2,000. For an SLR camera with 300 mm or more lens, an Indian will have to pay Rs 1,500 and a foreigner will have to pay Rs 3,000. For commercial photography, an Indian will now have to pay Rs 2,000 and a foreign photographer will have to pay Rs 4,000.
Dheeraj Pandey, Director of Corbett Tiger Reserve, said that the rates applicable from the new tourist season will be updated soon on the Corbett website. Currently, two out of seven zones of Corbett, Dhela and Jhirna, are open for day safari. Bijrani zone will be opened on 15 October and others including Dhikala on 15 November. He told that tourists will not have to worry about canter safari in Corbett Park.
Those who make advance online booking will now be allotted a seat number along with the canter. This facility is being included in the new website being prepared by Corbett.
This is how the growth happened

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• Fee per tourist Rs 500

• Fee for six tourists Rs 3000

• Online fee 50

• Waste management fee 80

• Guide fee 800

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• Gypsy entry fee Rs 250

• Gypsy Fee Bijrani 2500

• Total fee 6680

Old Rest House Room No. 1 & 2 – 5000
old night stay rate
Rest House Room No. 3, 4 & 5 – 3000
Cabin – 2500
Dormitory – 500

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