What and how much money was received in the Dhami government’s budget for women, youth, employment, agriculture and development? read the report

5658 crore will be spent on poor welfare and 15376 crore will be spent on health and education.
. On the second day of the five-day budget session of Uttarakhand, Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal, under the leadership of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, presented the annual budget for the financial year 2024-25. According to the Finance Minister, this year’s budget focuses on the farmers, poor, youth and women of the state. The budget focuses on all the requirements for the overall development of the state.
5658 crores for poor welfare
In the budget for the financial year 2024-25, the government has made a provision of Rs 2756 crore for social welfare, Rs 2184 crore for Scheduled Caste welfare and Rs 718 crore for tribal welfare in the budget for the financial year 2024-25. This includes Rs 93 crore for housing for the poor, Rs 600 crore for food grains supply and Rs 55 crore for free gas refill.
Rs 1679 crore will be spent on youth welfare
Government will spend Rs 1679 crore on youth welfare. The budget includes an amount of Rs 534 crore for youth welfare and sports, Rs 321 crore for technical education and Rs 824 crore for higher education. A budget provision of Rs 250 crore has been kept for the 38th National Games. A budget of Rs 27 crore has been kept for Khel Mahakumbh along with other schemes.
Agriculture will improve with Rs 2415 crore
Dhami government has made a provision of Rs 2415 crore for agriculture in the budget. In its three parts, the grant of Agriculture Department will be Rs 1045 crore, Horticulture Department’s grant will be Rs 578 crore and Animal Husbandry Department’s grant will be Rs 791 crore. In the budget, special attention has been given to Deendayal Upadhyaya Cooperative Farmers Welfare Scheme, Apple Mission, Farmer Pension, Matsya Sampada Yojana.
Gender budget of Rs 14538 crore
In view of women empowerment, a provision of Rs 14538 crore has been kept in the gender budget in the new financial year. In this, the budget provisioned for Women Welfare Department is Rs 574 crore. Besides, budget has been kept for schemes like Nanda Gaura Yojana, Chief Minister Mahalaxmi Kit Yojana, Chief Minister Child Nutrition Scheme, Vatsalya Yojana, Ganga Cow Mahila Dairy Development.
15376 crore health and education budget
The government has provisioned a budget of Rs 15376 crore for health and education. This includes a budget provision of Rs 1010 crore in National Health Mission, Rs 500 crore in Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana, Rs 105 crore in Health Systems Development, Rs 96 crore in AYUSH Mission, Rs 25 crore for free uniforms and bags for students from class one to eight.
Ecology will be improved with Rs 468 crore
Along with economy, the government has also taken care of ecology in the budget. For this, a budget of Rs 468 crore is provisioned in all the schemes. In this, a budget of Rs 343 crore has been earmarked for CAMPA, Rs 55 crore for climate change mitigation, Rs 50 crore for SARA, Rs 10 crore for creation of public forests and Rs 10 crore for construction of EV charging infrastructure.
Rs 425 crore for industrial development
To accelerate industrial development in the state, the government has made a budget provision of Rs 426 crore. Budget provisions have also been made for assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises, Chief Minister Self-Employment Scheme, Mega Industrial and Mega Textile Policy, Start Up, Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology. This will create employment opportunities on a large scale in the state.
Additional provision of Rs 100 crore in tourism
In view of tourism development, an additional budget of Rs 100 crore has been provisioned for the construction of infrastructure facilities. In this, Rs 50 crore will be given to Manaskhand Mandir Mala Mission, Rs 25 crore each will be given for new tourist places and Vibrant Village Scheme. A provision of Rs 11 crore has been made for the Film Development Council and Rs 10 crore for the State Uda Scheme Topup.
Capital outlay of Rs 13780 crore
In view of infrastructure development, the government has made a provision of Rs 13780 crore for capital outlay. In this, the capital expenditure of rural development is Rs 1499 crore and the capital expenditure of Loan Fund is Rs 1404 crore and maintenance expenditure is Rs 917 crore. The capital expenditure of PMGAY has been kept at Rs. 1000 crore, while the capital expenditure of urban development, UCADA, tourism, housing, SS-ST etc. is included.
Cities will improve with Rs 2565 crores
A provision of Rs 2565 crore has been kept in the budget to improve urban areas. In this, there is a budget provision of Rs 150 crore from ADB for strengthening urban infrastructure, Rs 109 crore for Haldwani and other cities, Rs 200 crore for drinking water and drainage schemes, Rs 20 crore for green field and brown field city construction and Rs 20 crore for infrastructure work in Gairsain. also includes.
2910 crores will be spent on villages
The government has also kept the development of villages as its priority. A provision of Rs 2910 crore has been made for rural development in the budget. In this, other schemes have been kept including National Gram Swaraj Abhiyan, Vibrant Village Programme, construction of Panchayat buildings, Chief Minister Frontier Area Development Scheme, Chief Minister Migration Prevention Scheme.
149 crore kept for innovation
Innovation has also been given importance in the budget. Under this, Rs 31 crore will be allocated for e-Vidhan Sabha application, Rs 50 crore for digitization of revenue records, Rs 25 crore for mining surveillance, Rs 20 crore for construction of vehicle testing centre, Rs 13 crore for construction of centralized record rooms in districts, construction of science technology innovation centers in 10 districts. A provision of Rs 10 crore has been made.

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