When I got love at the age of 14, I got cheated and became a poison girl, Mahi of Haldwani

29-year-old Mahi trapped many of Haldwani in the net of her beauty, got her lover Ankit killed by snake bite
Sensational revelations after being arrested with alleged lover raised the pulse of many
Left home for 15 years and lives alone, lives a high profile life without a job
Dolly alias Mahi, who lured young businessman Ankit into a love trap and killed him by biting him with a snake, is vicious outside. After the arrest of Mahi, many revelations are happening in the interrogation.
Actually Mahi got cheated in love at the age of 14. After this, he also started playing with others by trapping them in the trap of love. 29-year-old Mahi increased her closeness to influential people by making some women a ladder. In 2016, Mahi met Deep Kandpal of Motahaldu. The closeness of both started increasing. 5 years ago he built his own house in Arjunpur. Lived alone in a luxurious house. She also kept servants and maids and started living a luxurious life.
Influential people used to visit his house. In the year 2020, Mahi met Ankit. Mahi wanted to buy a car, while Ankit used to sell vehicles. From here the friendship between the two started. Ankit started coming to Mahi’s house. He used to stay at Mahi’s house every Saturday. These two used to party among themselves and used to drink alcohol together

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