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Young man lost 17 lakhs in Ludo, fabricated a false story of robbery to avoid father’s rebuke

Youth’s truth revealed in police investigation, arrested for filing false case of robbery

Ghaziabad. A young man lost Rs 17 lakh in playing Ludo online. To avoid the scolding of the parents, the young man fabricated a false story of looting Rs 6 lakh. When the whole matter was cleared in the police investigation, the young man was arrested for giving fake information about the robbery.
According to the police, on April 12, a person named Gufran informed police station Sahibabad that his 23-year-old son Saqib had gone to buy goods from Shaheed Nagar. He was returning with Rs 6 lakh and was found lying unconscious on the road near Nagdwar. He was admitted to the hospital in Delhi.
According to Gufran, some poisonous gang looted 6 lakh rupees from Saqib.
Police registered a case of robbery and thoroughly investigated. When there was a loophole in the words of the victim, the police strictly questioned Saqib. Saqib confessed that he plays Ludo online and has lost about Rs 17 lakh in it so far.
Out of fear, on April 10, Saqib took Rs 1.5 lakh from his relatives in the name of buying goods. He told the relatives that he would buy the goods and sell them to other traders in Hindon Vihar area and would return from there with about Rs 6 lakh. He told that on the way, Saqib stopped near Nagdwar and parked his scooty on the roadside and pretended to have fainted and lay down on the ground.
When some people came on the spot, Saqib gave them his father’s number and called them to inform them about the robbery. When the relatives came to the spot, Saqib told them that due to sudden darkness in front of the eyes, he fell from the scooty and during this time some person took away his money. Police said that Saqib has been arrested in this case

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