A youth from a particular community raped a minor and made an obscene video

Attempt to forcibly take away by blocking the road, case registered and accused arrested

Dehradun. A youth from a particular community threatened and raped a minor girl. It is alleged that during this time the accused made a video of the victim. After this, the accused again pressurized the victim to have sex. When the victim did not go with him, the accused blocked the way and assaulted her.
Premnagar police station has registered a case against the accused and arrested him. Police station head Premnagar PD Bhatt said that a woman has given a complaint that Javed tried to befriend her 17-year-old daughter.
It was further told that when the daughter refused, the accused called the daughter again on September 19. The accused threatened to kill his relatives if he did not talk and called the girl out of the house at 11 pm. When she went out of the gate, the accused made her sit on his bike and took her to his brother’s shop in Premnagar, where he raped the girl and made a video of it.
After this the accused again started threatening. The victim was going to her friend’s house in Niranjanpur at 8 pm on 22 September. It is alleged that during this time the accused tried to forcibly take her with him by blocking the way. After this, the victim’s mother lodged a complaint at Premnagar police station. The police station incharge said that a case was registered against the accused and he was arrested.

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