Children will read “Jo Jeeta Wo Sikandar” not Vikramaditya

Vikram University Ujjain started initiative for freedom from the mentality of slavery
Since childhood, everyone has been reading and listening to an idiom ‘Jo Jeeta, Wohi Sikandar’. But Vikram University Ujjain is now adding ‘Emperor Vikramaditya’ by removing the name ‘Sikandar’ from the idiom. The new phrase will be ‘the one who wins, the same emperor Vikramaditya’. Now the professors of the university will teach this phrase to the students.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Pandey has given its instructions to all department heads and professors. He has also said that this will give freedom from the mentality of slavery. A proposal to amend the name of Vikram University has also been sent to the Higher Education Department. On acceptance, the revised name will be Samrat Vikramaditya Vishwavidyalaya.
The Vice Chancellor said that Sikandar cannot be a role model for our youth. Emperor Vikramaditya is our ideal, hence amending the idiom. The Vice Chancellor said – You will get freedom from the mentality of slavery.
Vice Chancellor Akhilesh Pandey said that Vikramaditya was a great emperor Vikramaditya was the emperor of the Parmar dynasty of the Indian subcontinent. His empire covered a large part of the Indian subcontinent, stretching from present-day Saudi Arabia in the west to present-day China in the east. Its capital was Ujjain. He was knowledgeable, brave, generous. He has been considered one of the most popular and just kings in the pages of history. Vikramaditya’s brother Raja Bhartrihari was ruling in Malwa. During the reign of Bhartrihari, the attack of Shakas had increased. When Bhartrihari renounced the kingdom by wearing renunciation, Vikram Sena took over the rule. He drove out the Sakas in 57-58 BC. In memory of this, he started the expansion of the state by starting Vikram Samvat

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