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Congress leader wept by placing tricolor on the grave of mafia don Atiq Ahmed, recited Kalma

Congress leader Rajkumar Singh reached the grave and raised slogans of ‘Atik Ahmed Amar Rahe’, said I will get you Bharat Ratna

Prayagraj. A video of Congress candidate Rajkumar Singh (Rajju) visiting the grave of mafia don Atiq Ahmed and offering the tricolor is going viral. The Congress leader read Kalma on the grave and also raised slogans of Atiq Ahmed Amar Rahe. Not only this, he also announced the award of Bharat Ratna. The police arrested him for disrespecting the tricolor.
Congress leader Rajkumar Singh is seen placing the tricolor on the grave of Atiq Ahmed. Along with that he is also reciting Kalma. After this, standing near the grave of Congress leader Atiq Ahmed, he is also raising slogans of ‘Atiq Ahmed Amar Rahe’.
Rajkumar Singh sits near the grave of Ateeq Ahmed and says that there are 1,24,000 Pir Babas, they will get Ateeq justice. Rajkumar says Atiq Ahmed you are immortal. The Congress leader says that Atiq Ahmed, you are immortal, you will remain immortal, I will get you Bharat Ratna, I will get you the respect of the martyr. After this, the tricolor is also hoisted on the grave of Congress leader Rajkumar Ashraf. Along with this, Atiq also hoists the tricolor on the grave of Ahmad’s son Asad.
Rajkumar Singh was made the Congress party’s candidate from Ward No. 43 of Prayagraj Municipal Corporation. Although the party showed him the way out and expelled him from the party for 6 years. A video of Rajkumar Singh is going viral in which he is saying that if Mulayam Singh Yadav can be given Padma Vibhushan, then why Bharat Ratna cannot be given to Atiq Ahmed.
Talking to the media, Rajkumar Singh also sought the resignation of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He said, “It is the Yogi government that got Atiq Ahmed murdered. He was a people’s representative, he has been martyred. He should be given the status of a martyr.” After the video went viral, Prayagraj police has taken Rajkumar Singh into custody and he is being interrogated

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