Dol Ashram is promoting religious tourism, a living example of eternal civilization and culture: Dhami

Chief Minister Dhami participated in the annual function of Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam at Dol Ashram

Almora. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami participated in the annual function of Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam at Dol Ashram. He worshiped 1100 girls and unveiled Nar-Narayan idols. Worshiped the Shriyantra and wished for the happiness and prosperity of the country and the region.
He said that Pujya Maharaj Kalyandas ji did spiritual practice continuously for five decades as a seeker and created many such projects throughout India, through which the upliftment of the people born in a normal home, born in a poor home could be achieved. Work, work of providing education, providing health facilitieswork, and has done the work of taking them forward.The way he has installed Sriyantra in this ashram. In the coming times, not only India but people from all over the world will come to this ashram to know peace, spirituality and culture.
He congratulated all those present on Buddha Purnima and asked them to follow the path of religion, peace and non-violence of Mahatma Buddha. He said that Baba ji’s idea is that migration should be stopped from here in the coming times and the people of this place should get the opportunity to work here, this center in this area will work to bring awareness somewhere and in that direction. He is also doing the work of motivating.
The Chief Minister said that while this ashram is promoting religious tourism on the one hand, the great work of educating the youth about Indian culture is also being done through it and a cultural state like ours where there are so many places of worship was born in this land. It is a great fortune in itself to have this ashram of oursIt is a living example of the old civilization and culture.It is a grand and divine center of meditation and spirituality. He said that today our government under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continuously moving ahead with the resolution of new Uttarakhand. He said that Jageshwar Dham should also be developed as the fifth Dham, for this a request has been made to the Honorable Prime Minister. Under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Modi, the flag of Sanatan culture is hoisting all over the world. He said that our government is committed to preserve culture in the state, for this our government has come up with a strict conversion law. Our government has also decided that encroachment under land jihad will also be ended and Uniform Civil Code will be implemented. On this occasion, he said that 03 new parking places will be developed here and efforts will be made to convert the Sanskrit school being run in the ashram into a college or a university.
He said that Dol Ashram was established by Pujya Maharaj Kalyandas ji and it is progressing and developing as a big center of religion, spirituality, culture and education according to his thinking. Congratulating Maharaj ji, he said that he spent his whole life in the service of the people of this place and in the works of charity. He said that this ashram will also be developed as a part of our Mansakhand Mandirmala Mission and in the coming times, the way the Chardham Yatra continues, similarly the Mansakhand Yatra and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra will also continue and it will be a big stop. There will also be Dol Ashram and Jageshwar Dham. He said that the government’s master plan for Mansakhand Mandir Mala Mission has been completely prepared, it will be started from Jageshwar Dham.
Jageshwar MLA Mohan Singh Mehra said that the charitable work done by Maharaj Kalyandas ji in this area is incomparable. He said that under your guidance the exodus can be stopped from here. Many poor children are getting education in the Sanskrit school established by you. And for the health services of the people, a hospital has also been constructed, for which this society will always be indebted to you.
MLA Almora Manoj Tiwari said that I have got the good fortune of coming to this ashram continuously. He said that saints came to Uttarakhand and did penance and made it a center of spirituality and did the work of giving a message to all of us as carriers of this culture. On this occasion, former Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal said that the works being done by Baba Ji for education, medical and migration in the area are commendable.
Pujya Maharaj Kalyandas ji while addressing all the people present said that we have to do better work for our native land. He said that we have to adopt spirituality by abandoning bad addictions, only then our life and society will be able to achieve happiness and prosperity. On this occasion, including BJP District President Ramesh Bahuguna, Subhash Pandey, District Magistrate Vandana, Senior Superintendent of Police Rachita Juyal, many people’s representatives and devotees were present. This program was conducted by Swami Hari Chaitanya

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