Even if you have not done self-assessment and house tax, you may be fined 4 times

The Municipal Corporation will prepare a list after physical verification of establishments and houses

Dehradun. Four times fine will be imposed on those who do not conduct self-assessment after construction of building and do not pay building tax. The inspectors of the corporation will prepare a list of such establishments after physical verification and tax will be assessed and recovered along with the fine.
Municipal Corporation has speeded up the exercise of 100% collection of building tax. Those who do not do self assessment have come on the radar of the corporation. The corporation will charge four times the fine after the self-assessment is not done by May 31.
There are 100 wards under the Municipal Corporation, out of which houses in 40 wards included a few years ago are exempted from building tax, but commercial tax is charged. In such a situation, some such cases are also coming in all the 100 wards, in which building tax is not being received due to lack of self-assessment after the construction of the building. Tax is being collected from about one lakh domestic and 15 thousand commercial buildings.
However, many establishments are yet to deposit tax. Now the tax inspectors of the corporation will mark such establishments after physical verification. A notice will be sent after preparing a list of those who do not conduct self-assessment and then four times the fine will be charged. Tax Superintendent Dharmesh Panuli said that soon the process of verification will be started in all the wards.
Municipal Corporation has obtained Point of Sale (POS) machines from banks. 12 tax inspectors of the corporation will be able to collect building tax by going to the field from the POS machine. However, in the first phase, building tax will be collected only from commercial buildings through POS machines. Taxes will be collected on the spot and receipt will be given to the taxpayers. Along with this, its entry will also be made online. This will facilitate both the corporation and the taxpayer.
Since the beginning of April, the corporation building is engaged in tax recovery. During this, bills were sent to about 800 defaulters of more than one lakh. Along with this, the process of sending bills is still going on. The tax department of the corporation is now preparing to send bills to defaulters of less than one lakh rupees. Taxpayers are being motivated to take advantage of tax exemption by paying taxes on time

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