Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat a strong contender from Haridwar Lok Sabha seat

Screening committee meeting today regarding candidate selection for all five Lok Sabha seats of Congress.

Dehradun. The screening committee is going to meet on Tuesday in New Delhi regarding the selection of candidates for 5 Lok Sabha seats of Congress in Uttarakhand. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat is considered a strong contender for the party ticket from Haridwar Lok Sabha seat.
He has also been active in his constituency for a long time. It is a different matter that he has also advocated for giving ticket to his son Virendra Singh Rawat on Haridwar seat. State Congress President Karan Mahara’s claim from this seat has also come to the fore. However, a few days ago, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat had expected State Congress President Mahara to contest the elections strongly for the party.
Supporters of both sides were very active on internet media regarding this. After this, Harish Rawat refrained from commenting further and remained silent on this subject for a long time. A meeting of the State Congress Screening Committee is to be held in New Delhi on Tuesday. Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya and State Congress President Karan Mahara will participate in the meeting.
It is believed that the committee can send the panel of candidates for all the five seats of Uttarakhand to the Central Election Committee with its recommendations. The screening committee will take the decision after considering the surveys conducted by the party at various levels, feedback from MLAs, former MLAs, former MPs and senior leaders in the state and the proposal given by the State Congress Committee. At present, many candidates who are considered strong are refusing to contest the elections, due to which the party is worried.
The post posted by former Chief Minister Harish Rawat on the internet media before the screening committee meeting in New Delhi is being considered important. For the first time, he has made public his stand regarding Almora reserved seat. Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya has refused to stake claim on this seat or contest the elections. However, the state organization has considered him a strong candidate in its recommendation.
Former MP Pradeep Tamta is also a contender for this seat. Tamta is considered very close to former Chief Minister Harish Rawat. The former Chief Minister has now supported Yashpal Arya on this seat. Also, in case he does not contest the elections, Pradeep Tamta has been described as a natural contender. He also declared it his duty to work for the victory of both.
Describing State President Karan Mahara and Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya as captain and coach of a cricket team for elections, Harish Rawat has also expected them to set an example by leading from the front. It was also made clear that with increasing age his abilities were becoming limited. Therefore, the party has been asked to assess their usefulness and capability and what to expect from them.

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