Girlfriend got her boyfriend killed by being bitten by a snake, police made a sensational disclosure

One accused arrested in deceased hotel businessman murder case, including girlfriend absconding
. Young businessman Ankit Chauhan (30) was killed after being bitten by a cobra snake. His girlfriend had hatched the entire conspiracy of the murder. On Tuesday, revealing the murder case, the police arrested the snake charmer who brought the snake. Whereas, four other accused including the murdered girlfriend are absconding. It is being told that being troubled by the increasing interference in personal life, the girlfriend executed Ankit’s murder by making a well-planned plan.
Haldwani’s hotel businessman Ankit’s body was found on July 15 in a closed car near Bareilly Road Tinpani railway gate. Initially, the police was anticipating the death of AC gas. SSP Pankaj Bhatt told that the suspicion deepened after Ankit’s girlfriend Mahi alias Dolly, resident of Shanti Vihar Colony, Gorapadav Haldwani, absconded. On going through Mahi’s call details, it came to light that she repeatedly called Ramesh Nath, a snake charmer resident of Bhojipura Bareilly. On interrogating Ramesh, the whole conspiracy was exposed. Apart from the snake charmer, Mahi, his servant Ramavatar resident of Hyderganj Pilibhit UP, his wife Usha and Mahi’s friend Deep Kandpal, resident of Halduchod, Nainital, have been booked on Tahrir of businessman’s sister Isha Chauhan.
During interrogation, the snake charmer has disclosed the whole incident. He told that on the night of July 14, as part of the plan, Mahi had made Ankit unconscious by feeding him a drug pill in his house. After that he was made to lie upside down on the bed. Ankit regained consciousness so that he did not protest, one held his hands, two held his feet and the fourth sat on Ankit’s back. After this, the snake charmer got a cobra bite on one leg of Ankit. He was not left alive, so the other leg was also pricked at the same place

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