Haldwani’s bride got upset by wrapping jewelry and cash on honeymoon

Meerut’s youth was married on April 5 in Haldwani

Bride caught in CCTV riding a bike with a young man
Bid on honeymoon, not feeling well, slept with mother-in-law and ran away
. A bride eloped on the wedding night wrapping her jewelery in cash. The incident is of Rohta village of Meerut.
The 40-year-old man was married from Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Everyone liked the girl at first sight. The date of marriage was also fixed soon and then both of them got married in Haldwani on 5th April. The bride was looking very happy at the time of marriage. Everyone was happy, bride, groom and their family members, all were looking happy with this marriage. After marriage the girl was sent off and she came to Meerut. His body language changed after coming here. Started being alert. Always started making excuses.
The next night of the wedding is the honeymoon. The groom was eagerly waiting for it, but then the bride said that she was not feeling well. The family members put her to sleep with her mother-in-law. Don’t know when she ran away after that. When the groom woke up after 11 o’clock in the night, he came to know that the bride had eloped. The bride also took away all the jewelery and one lakh rupees with her. The bridegroom ran away to the police. A case was registered, after which when the CCTV footage was examined, the bride was seen running away on a bike with a young man in the dark of night

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