Uttar Pradesh

Husband put Begum at stake, wife lost in gambling with friend

Went home and said to Begum, if friend comes, we will have to make relations with him, beaten up for protesting, case filed

Meerut. A gambler put his wife at stake. Lost in gambling with friend. After going home, he told Begum that his friend was coming and he would have to have relations with him. When the Begum protested, they thrashed her fiercely. The victim went to the police station and lodged a report against her husband. The case pertains to Lisadi Gate police station area of ​​the district.
The woman alleges that she was married 12 years ago to Imran of Ahmednagar area. The victim told that the husband is an alcoholic and a drug addict. He drinks alcohol and fights with her every day. Late night the victim’s husband reached home drunk and started telling the victim that he had lost his business due to lack of money. On hearing this, the ground slipped from under the feet of the victim. After this the accused husband told the wife that now my friend is coming to pick you up. You have to have a relationship with him. Hearing these words of the accused husband, the woman protested against him. The accused was in an inebriated state, got agitated after listening to the wife and started assaulting her. The accused thrashed the victim fiercely. Somehow, saving her life, the woman came out of the house and informed her friend about the matter. After which the victim’s friend reached Lisadi Gate police station with the victim and demanded action by giving Tahrir against the accused. At the same time, the station in-charge says that, after getting information about the case, the police had gone to arrest the accused, but he is absconding from his house

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