ISIS agent Harish Farooqui caught in Assam has deep connection with Dehradun

Father runs Unani dispensary in Dehradun, police and agencies engaged in investigation
. ISIS agent Harish Farooqui captured from Assam has connections to Dehradun. He is said to be the son of a Greek doctor living here.
However, according to local intelligence and police, he has not come to Dehradun for the last ten years. The central agency has come to Dehradun several times to get information about him. It is being told that his father has also been missing for many days.
Let us tell you that the central agency has arrested a youth named Harish Farooqui along with his friend in Assam. His friend Anurag had accepted Islam a few days ago. Harish Farooqui is said to have studied at Aligarh Muslim University. SSP Ajay Singh told that Harish’s father runs a Unani dispensary here. Farooqui’s family has been living in Dalanwala, Dehradun for the last 20 years. The SSP said that the local police had this input for a long time. But it came to light that Harish had not come to Dehradun for the last ten years. His father was also contacted by Dehradun Police. According to sources, STF was also in contact with Harish’s father for a long time and had called him for questioning several times.

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