Kumaoni folk singer Prahlad Mehra passes away, wave of mourning in Uttarakhand

Today the funeral will be held in Rani Bagh, the pain of the mountain woman in the songs of Prahlad
Folk singer Prahlad Mehra, who gave words to the people with his melodious voice, is no more. From the age of 15 years to his 80 years old mother, he was Prahlad da. He gave voice to the mountain from the first note to the last song.
Kumaon’s famous folk singer Prahlad Mehra has died suddenly due to heart failure at the age of 53. There was an uproar among the relatives after hearing the news of his demise. At the same time, a wave of mourning is prevalent in the area.
His last rites will be performed at Chitrashila Ghat Ranibagh on Thursday morning. On the other hand, the general public including folk artists are also expressing grief on social media. Folk singer Prahlad Mehra suddenly complained of severe chest pain at his Haldwani residence on Wednesday afternoon. His relatives took him to a private hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead.
After this, when his relatives reached his residence in Sanjay Nagar of Bindukhatta with his mortal remains, a wave of mourning spread in the area. A large number of villagers and public representatives gathered at his residence.
Prahlad Mehra has three sons. One of his sons, Neeraj Mehra, has also been the student union president of Haldwani MBPG College. Whereas Prahlad Mehra’s brother Manohar Mehra is a social worker as well as a senior official of the Sangh. Due to this incident, the relatives are in bad condition and crying.
Manohar Mehra told that Prahlad Mehra has sung many songs to save the culture and civilization of Uttarakhand. So that the young generation can come forward to save their culture through music.
Prahlad da’s songs reflect the pain of the mountain woman. There is a struggle. There is the pain in the hearts of the youth wandering in foreign countries in search of jobs and also the beauty of the mountains which attracts every mind. Prahlad da composed songs in which everyone finds themselves. Prahlad Da, born to a teacher father, had little interest in studies.
During the period of 1980-85, when fairs and Ramlila were very popular. Despite fear from his father, Prahlad used to sing something occasionally in the Ramlila fair. Sur Samrat of Kumaon Late. Gopal Babu Goswami, Late. Got inspiration to write songs by listening to Heera Singh Rana and Nain Singh Rawal. Always composed songs around the mountain. He was an expert in all the genres like Geet, Jhoda, Chanchari, Nyoli. Giving voice to the struggle of women, she sang the song ‘Pahadai Ki Cheli Lai Kabhai Na Khaya Dwi Rawata Sukhai Lai’. ‘My salary is two and a half thousand rupees per hour of duty..’, wrote the plight of the youth who are pushed to the metros for small jobs.

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