Landslide in Pachhwadun Jakhan village, 10 houses collapsed, 10 houses damaged due to wide cracks

25 families were displaced, the whole village came under the grip of disaster
Jakhan village of Gram Panchayat Madrasu of Pachhwadun area came under the grip of disaster on Wednesday due to landslide. The landslide, which started on Wednesday morning from the road passing through the upper part of this village located in the hilly area, reached the houses of the villagers in no time. Here 10 residential buildings collapsed and 10 others were damaged due to wide cracks.
According to the administration, the cracks range from six inches to one foot wide. Seeing the sudden cracks in the houses, people hurriedly came out of the houses and went to safer places. The villagers did not even get time to retrieve the belongings from the collapsed buildings. After some time the houses started collapsing. In view of this, the district administration evacuated the entire village. The affected families have been accommodated in schools and panchayat buildings by the district administration.
There are about 25 residential buildings and a few chhanis (cow sheds) in the village. Villagers told that last evening minor cracks were noticed on the road passing over the village, which reached the village in a span of 12 hours due to landslide and the whole village came under the grip of disaster. Actually, Jakhan village of Madrasu Panchayat is in the landslide zone. The main road here developed cracks due to the rain two days ago. Due to which a big rock had slipped about 100 meters ahead of the village.
On Wednesday, when the sun shone bright, the main road passing over Jakhan village developed cracks, which reached below the road to Jakhan village and triggered a landslide. The government primary school building was the first to be damaged by the crack. After this, slowly cracks started appearing in other houses as well. Panic spread among the villagers and they started running towards safer places. Within no time, the process of demolition of houses started. During this, 10 houses were completely destroyed, while 10 other houses got cracks.
The families in the houses which later developed cracks removed whatever material they could and vacated the house. The State Disaster Response Force and police have shifted 25 affected families and lodged them in nearby school buildings and panchayat buildings in Langha and Pashta. Due to landslide, the tower of 220 KV line of Vyasi hydroelectric project has also bent. Due to which the production in Vyasi hydroelectric project has been stopped.

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