Mobile battery explodes, eight-year-old girl dies

Class 3 girl was watching cartoons on mobile

New Delhi. Smartphone today is not only the need of everyone, it has become weak. From children to adults spend their time on the phone. The incidents of phone exploding are also increasing due to using the phone for a long time. An 8-year-old girl died due to a mobile explosion in Kerala’s Thrissur district. Police said that the battery overheated due to prolonged use of the phone and exploded.
The name of an 8-year-old girl student studying in third grade is Adityashree. She was watching cartoon on mobile phone. Suddenly the phone exploded. The phone exploded in the hand of the student. He died on the spot. Neighbors had heard loud noises. The mobile phone was bought three years ago and the battery was changed three months back.
keep these things in mind
Do not use very old phones.
Do not keep the phone in your hands when it gets hot.
Do not use the phone while charging.
Do not put the phone on charge overnight.
Charge the device up to 80% only.

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