President Draupadi Murmu awarded medals to the topper students at the convocation ceremony of AIIMS.

598 students were awarded degrees including 14 gold medals in the ceremony.
. Speaking at the fourth convocation of AIIMS, President Draupadi Murmu said that the increasing participation of women in every field presents a picture of a very big and good social change. Even in the AIIMS convocation ceremony, the number of medal winners is high among girl students. This is also a matter of pride for AIIMS Rishikesh and the entire society.
On Tuesday, President Draupadi Murmu attended the convocation ceremony of AIIMS as the chief guest. The President awarded gold medals to the students who performed highest in academic activities. Said that providing world class education and service in the field of medicine is a huge national achievement of all AIIMS institutes including AIIMS Rishikesh. As medical colleges, AIIMS institutions have set the best standards. The President said that many students have a dream to become doctors. Among them, only a few students like you are able to fulfill this dream. They are able to achieve success on the basis of hard work and dedication. The President said that I am very happy to know that the number of girls among the students here is more than 60 percent.
President Murmu said that Sarve Santu Niramaya… means all people should be free from diseases. This is the traditional prayer of our people. The ideal contained in this prayer has been adopted by AIIMS Rishikesh as the goal of global healthcare. Said AIIMS’s motto is.. Vishvarogyam Hi Dharmo Na: Making the entire world healthy and disease-free is our religion, that is, our ideal. President Murmu said that all the students, teachers, doctors and nurses of AIIMS will make this motto of the institute their motto in personal life and service. The President said that providing the best and least expensive treatment is also the identity of AIIMS.
President Murmu said that Uttarakhand has many popular health centers for treatment methods of Indian tradition including Ayurveda. In AIIMS Rishikesh, patients are being treated with allopathy as well as AYUSH medical methods. The President said that I would like that by providing excellent health services on a large scale, the fame of this Devbhoomi of Uttarakhand should also be established as a health land.
10 out of 14 gold medals were won by girl students
Girls students dominated the fourth convocation ceremony of AIIMS Rishikesh. Out of 14 gold medals, 10 gold medals were won by girl students. While four gold medals came in the bag of students. The 10 best students were awarded 14 gold medals. Seven girl students, among the 10 gold medal winners, won 10 gold medals. The girl students also won one silver and one bronze medal. In this way, out of total 16 medals distributed in the ceremony, 12 medals were in the names of girl students.

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