Prisoners danced in Haridwar Jail, saints kept watching from jail administration, you also see ..

Kanhaiya Mittal’s bhajan evening was organized by the jail administration

Haridwar. Famous bhajan singer Kanhaiya Mittal organized Bhajan Sandhya in Haridwar District Jail. Reciting religious hymns to the prisoners in jail. All the prisoners were seen dancing to the hymns of Kanhaiya Mittal.
Saints were also called on behalf of the jail administration. Kanhaiya Mittal said that the prisoners in jail are also human beings. Listening to the hymns of Lord Ram, Hanuman and Khatu Shyam will remove the negativity of these prisoners. Positive thoughts will come in their mind. Jail Superintendent Manoj Kumar Arya said that he organized Bhajan Sandhya to remove the tendency of crime among the prisoners. For this he expresses gratitude to Kanhaiya Mittal

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