Rates fixed for 10 rupees tea and 12 rupees samosa to packets of snacks and biscuits, 18 percent GST will have to be paid separately.

Election Commission fixed rates for campaign material and other items for Lok Sabha election campaign.
The bugle of Lok Sabha elections has been sounded. Those who have got the tickets have fielded their teams openly, while Netaji, who is waiting for the tickets, has kept the team on alert mode.
If you want to campaign for elections, you need supporters and you will also have to spend on them. In such a situation, Netaji has also started opening his pockets. If the code of conduct has not been implemented yet, there is no fear of the election expenditure meter being started. However, the district administration has fixed the prices of campaign material and food items used in the election campaign even before the election bugle sounds.
After the implementation of the code of conduct, candidates will have to pay a tea of Rs 10 and a samosa of Rs 12. Netaji will spend the money and the election machinery will keep the accounts. So that it can be assessed whether Netaji is going beyond the limit in expenditure. This list was prepared with great effort by the election expenditure team and all the parties have also given their consent to it.
District Election Officer/District Magistrate Sonika has fixed the prices of a total of 78 items/materials after discussions with various candidates and political parties. Its list has also been released. These rates are almost the same as in the last assembly elections, but there has been a significant increase in the vehicle expenditure.
The rate list issued by the district administration includes everything from posters, banners, flags, flower garlands, caps etc. to breakfast, day and dinner. Apart from this, fares for various vehicles have also been fixed. According to District Election Officer/District Magistrate Sonika, after the declaration of the candidate, every expenditure incurred will have to be accounted for. For this, everyone will be given expenditure registers and details of expenditure will have to be given as per the rate list issued by the administration. The rate list can be obtained from the Chief Treasury Officer/Nodal Election Expenditure Office.
Item-wise GST will be added additionally on whatever expenses the candidates and political parties spend. The minimum GST rate is five percent, while the maximum GST rate is 18 percent. However, GST will not have to be paid on bicycles, e-rickshaws, daily wages of drivers, plates, donas, loudspeakers, flower garlands and bouquets.
The district administration has fixed the rent of the election office at Rs 3,300 till the election period. Besides, Rs 5,500 has been fixed for the stationery used in the office and Rs 2,750 per board for the white board used in the office.
Some major items/materials included in the rate list
food items and food
Tea, Rs 10
Samosa/Bread Pakora, Rs 12
Breakfast, Rs 60 per unit
Day/dinner, Rs 100 per unit
Rajma, Chole, Kadhi, Rs 30 per plate
Soft drinks, Rs 15 to Rs 100 per quantity
Ice cream, Rs 25 per unit
Namkeen 100 grams, Rs 20 per unit
Namkeen 250 grams, Rs 40 per unit
Biscuits Small Pack, Rs 10
Biscuits Big Pack, Rs 35
Water bottle, Rs 12 to Rs 250 depending on quantity.
flower case and bouquet
Marigold garland, depending on the size, Rs 30 to Rs 3,000.
Rose garlands, Rs 150 to Rs 5,000.
Rose bouquets, Rs 300 to Rs 800
Vehicle expenses (including fuel per day)
Pajero/XUV-500 and equivalent, Rs 4200
Innova/Qualis/Xylo and equivalents, 3400
Bolero/Sumo and equivalent, 2400
Jeep/Tracker/Small Elephant/Tractor and equivalent, 2400
car, 2400
Bus (14 Seater), 8080
Bus (35 Seater), 8800
Bus (42 Seater), 8800
truck, 6400
Promotion Chariot, 9000
auto, 1400
E-Rickshaw, 960
two wheeler, 500

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