So daughter will have equal right in property and polygamy practice will be banned!

Expert committee completes drafting work for implementation of Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand

Dehradun. The expert committee has completed the work of drafting the Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand. If sources are to be believed, in this draft the daughter will be given equal rights in the property. Arrangements can be made to ban polygamy, make divorce legal, etc. Many points related to the society have also been included in the draft.
Arrangements can also be made to give equal rights to the children of the first wife. On the death of the husband, it is possible to arrange for compensation to the parents along with the wife. The committee has recommended fixing the age limit regarding marriage in the draft. The minimum age of marriage will remain the same for all religions.
It is believed that under the Child Marriage Prohibition Amendment Act brought in the Lok Sabha by the Center, the age of marriage of the girl child can be increased to 21 years. Along with this, there can be a system of compulsory registration of marriage, so that it can be given a legal basis.
Other strict rules can be made along with the system of banning polygamy and registration in live-in relationship.
Emphasis on adoption of legal process for divorce The legal process itself for granting divorce can be made binding in the draft. Rules can be made to make it mandatory to give a certain amount of money for maintenance to the wife and children after divorce. Unilateral divorce can be banned. Arrangements can also be made to ban Halala.
Arrangements can be made to buy and sell property to people of all religions. At present, according to the arrangement made for some religions, people of one religion can sell land only to the people of their own religion. There is a ban on selling land to people of other religions.
The adoption process can be simplified in the draft. A person of any religion can adopt an orphan child, provided he is capable of bringing him up. For this one has to go through the legal process. In the amendment draft of old laws, amendments are considered proposed in the long-standing laws in the state. Among these, the system of land purchase is important

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