The husband turned out to be the murderer of the wife, dispute in the marital relationship became the reason for the murder

Haridwar police solved the murder mystery within 10 hours, electronic and manual policing revealed the secret
Police Station- Kaliyar area – On 21-02-2023, near Dhanori Bawandarra, a woman was found in a very injured condition, whose body was stabbed with a knife. SSP Ajay Singh, very serious about crimes related to women, reached the spot along with other officers as soon as the information was received.
After sending the injured woman to Civil Hospital Roorkee through 108 ambulance, she was declared brought dead by the doctors during treatment. After a lot of efforts, the police could only get to know from the deceased woman that her name was Sakina and she had come to Kaliar to visit with her husband Suhail and daughter.
It became a challenge for the police to open this murder mystery without any correct information because the police had only this information that the name of the deceased is Sakina and she came to Kaliar with her husband Suhail and child. Because the husband was with him, his sudden disappearance in this way raised doubts, due to which, on the order of the SSP, an intensive checking campaign was carried out simultaneously on the National Highway, State Highway and off-routes in the entire district late at night. In which monitoring of checking was done by SSP himself.
On the other hand, the other police team working on the basis of manual policing got information that the woman dabki belongs to Saharanpur area, on this SSP Haridwar and the team enthusiastically sent the photo of the woman to their respective contact sources of Saharanpur and WhatsApp group. , Searched in every village, with many hours of concentrationDue to the hard work done, information was received about the deceased woman Sakina and her husband Suhail living in Dabki on rent and their original residence in Gangoh, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
The police team engaged in finding the reason for the murder collected all the information sequentially. Accused Suhail met Tasgira alias Sakina while working in Sidcul area about 5 years back. Due to love affair, Suhail married Tasgira alias Sakina without the permission of his family, even though he was married earlier. After having three children, Suhail divorced Sakina due to household expenses, mutual estrangement, Sakina living a good life before repeated marriages and daily quarrels, but Sakina separated from Suhail in lieu of separation. She was demanding 3 lakhs, otherwise she was threatening to face the consequences. Due to all these reasons, there were fights and quarrels almost daily, which were increasing now. Due to which Suhail made up his mind to remove Sakina from the way.
Suhail brought the deceased to Kaliar on the pretext of taking her 09-month-old daughter for a walk and Suhail, who had come to Kaliar in the past and had good knowledge of the routes, saw an opportunity near Bawandarra Dhanori and tried to kill his wife Tasgira alias Sakina by stabbing her. Thrown into Ganga Nahar on purpose and took his daughter Aayat aged 9 monthsRan away from the spot.Accused Suhail brought the above from Gangoh, Saharanpur on the basis of truthfulness and after full information after the crime was confirmed, was arrested from Kaliar police station area as per rules. The knife used in the incident was recovered. Evidence was carefully collected by the forensic team. Accused Suhail s/o Asgar resident Mohalla Mohammad Gauri Gangoh Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh has been arrested

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