The wedding card of Monika of Pauri and Monis of Amethi is in discussion, what do you think?

Trolled Garhwali family on social media, user advised to see conclusion of marriage of Muslim boy from Bihar and Hindu girl from UP

Dehradun. The wedding card of Monika Rawat of Pauri district of Uttarakhand and Monis of Amethi is the most discussed among the film The Kerala Story. The wedding card is becoming very viral on social media. From the people associated with Hinduist organizations to the people of Uttarakhand, they are commenting in different ways. Actually, Monika Rawat’s father Yashpal Benam is the former MLA of Pauri and the present Municipal President. He is associated with BJP. That’s why the wedding card is in more discussions. Users are commenting BJP leader is motivating to watch the film The Kerala Story, while the BJP leader of Pauri has fixed his daughter’s marriage with a Muslim youth. By the way, both Monika and Monis have studied engineering together from Roorkee. Both also do jobs together. During their studies, their love blossomed and reached marriage.
Amidst the discussion of Monika’s marriage on social media, the love marriage of a Muslim boy from Bihar and a Hindu girl from UP is also going viral. People are giving advice to see Monika and her family to conclude the marriage of Bihar and UP girl. Monica and Monis are adults. Can marry legally. Do comment what the viewers think.

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