There is a possibility of a major earthquake in Uttarakhand, the situation of tension in the ground remains constant.

Scientists claim, it cannot be said when an earthquake will occur.

Dehradun. The earthquake that occurred in Nepal on Tuesday occurred in the seismic gap of Kangra (Himachal) and Bihar-Nepal. According to Dr. RJ Perumal, senior scientist of Wadia Himalayan Institute of Geology, there is a constant state of geological stress in this entire area. In such a situation, a big earthquake can occur at any time in this seismic gap. However, nothing can be said as to when it will arrive. Preparations can be made only to deal with earthquakes.
Scientist Dr. RJ Perumal stressed the need to compulsorily follow construction based on earthquake resistant technology. According to senior scientist Dr. RJ Perumal, in the seismic gap of Kangra (Himachal) and Bihar-Nepal, devastating earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 have occurred in Kangra in the year 1905 and on the Bihar-Nepal border in the year 1934. After this, there has been no major earthquake in the period of about 89 years. That is why there is a constant state of tension in the geology in this area. Amidst the tension, it is estimated that there is a possibility of a major earthquake in Kangra at any time.
According to Dr. Ajay Pal, a senior scientist who retired from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology on September 30, the earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale that occurred in Nepal on April 25, 2015 is seen as a repetition of the earlier earthquake. There was a major earthquake in the concerned area about 81 years ago in the year 2015. Hence, the earthquake repeated (again) in the seismic gap there.
According to senior scientist Dr. Ajay Pal, the 6.2 magnitude and other small earthquakes that occurred in Nepal on Tuesday indicate that the tectonic belt of the concerned area is active. A moderate earthquake has been recorded in Doti (Nepal) of the same region in the year 2022.
Once again a severe earthquake occurred in Nepal, adjacent to Uttarakhand, shaking the earth within a radius of hundreds of kilometers. Strong earthquake tremors were felt in Uttarakhand. Apart from Garhwal, there was an atmosphere of panic due to the earthquake in most of the areas of Kumaon adjacent to Nepal.
As soon as the tremors were felt around 2:51 pm on Tuesday afternoon, people came out of their homes and offices. Earthquake tremors were recorded in all the districts of Uttarakhand, although no loss of life or property was reported anywhere. Officials of Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority said that according to the information received from the National Center for Seismology, the epicenter of the earthquake was in Nepal and its intensity was estimated at 6.2 and depth at five kilometers.

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