This is why Haldwani’s bride ran away on honeymoon

The groom kept waiting for the honeymoon, the bride had eloped with her lover
. The incident of Haldwani’s bride absconding on her honeymoon is in headlines on social media. In fact, the girl from Haldwani was married to a man almost twice her age in Rohta village of Meerut. The marriage took place on April 5 in Haldwani. The girl did not want to marry a boy above 40 years of age. But under pressure from the family, the girl agreed to the marriage.
After completing the marriage ceremony in Haldwani, the bride reached her in-laws place in Meerut. It is being told that the girl was having a love affair with a young man. With the consent of her lover, the girl married a boy twice her age from Meerut. On the honeymoon, the girl made an excuse for her health. After listening to the bride’s words, the poor groom kept pressing his desires in his heart. The bride went to sleep in her mother-in-law’s room. She absconded with one lakh cash and jewelery in the night.
There was a stir when there was a whisper of the disappearance of the bride in the night. When the CCTVs were searched, the bride was seen running in a bike with a young man. It is being told that the lover had reached her in-laws house to pick her up. On behalf of the groom, a report has been lodged in the police station about the bride running away with jewellery-cash. Police investigation revealed that the young man was not getting married for a long time. A middleman had fixed her relationship in Haldwani

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