Two innocent children died after falling into water tanks in Haridwar and Haldwani.

In both the incidents, children fell into the tank near the house while playing.
. Two innocent children died in two incidents in Haldwani and Haridwar.
Narveer, originally a resident of Biharipur of Dataganj in Badaun district of UP, lives with his in-laws with his wife and three children in Devladanth Kheda of Goulapar. His mother-in-law and father-in-law work as sharecroppers in the fields here. Narveer works as a laborer along with farm work. On Saturday his in-laws and father-in-law had gone to the village. Because his wife was not feeling well, she was sleeping. Meanwhile, Narveer’s four-year-old son Ayush went behind the house while playing and fell into the tank.
After some time, when the child’s aunt reached there looking for him, Ayush’s body was seen in the water. Hearing the noise, the family gathered and took the child out of the tank and took him to the base hospital, where doctors declared him dead. For a long time the family members remained adamant on not conducting the post-mortem but the police sent the body to the mortuary. After post-mortem the body was handed over to the relatives. Ayush was the youngest among three siblings.
According to the police, Sagar Kashyap, resident of Ganpati Dham Phase-3, Block B, Raja Garden, Kankhal Haridwar, gave a complaint letter to the Senior Superintendent of Police and said that there are many houses under construction around the house, which a person is building and selling. About 50 meters away from his house, a 13 feet deep pit is dug for a toilet in an under-construction house. Which neither has any boundary nor is covered by anything nor is there any arrangement for guards etc.
On the evening of 28 February, his wife was returning home with her two-year-old younger son Chiku alias Ishan Kashyap after leaving the tuition of his elder son. When Chiku reached home, he freed himself from his mother’s hand and hid somewhere to play. His wife tried hard to find him, but he was nowhere to be found. About half an hour later, the dead body of an innocent child was found lying in the pit of a house under construction. It is alleged that the child lost his life due to the negligence of the owner of the under-construction house. Demanded action from SSP.

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