3 including mother and brother get life imprisonment in honor killing

Due to the insistence of marrying her lover, the family had murdered the girl in Buggawala village.

Haridwar. Second Additional District Judge Sanjeev Kumar has found the girl’s brother, mother and another guilty of murder, conspiracy and hiding evidence for killing the girl on her insistence on marrying her lover. One accused, Sirmaur Singh, has been found guilty of destroying evidence along with others. The court has sentenced brother, mother and Sunil alias Balli to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh seven thousand and to Sirmaur Singh to seven years’ imprisonment and a fine of Rs 12 thousand for hiding evidence and threatening to kill.
The incident took place in a village in Buggawala area. Government advocate Rajkumar said that her brother Saurabh, mother Mitlesh Devi, Sunil alias Balli, Sirmaur Singh and maternal uncle Ashok were accused of strangulating the girl to death on the night of 22 October 2017. The last rites of the girl were also performed. The girl’s lover Ajay Singh, a resident of Buggawala, had told the police that he teaches children in a school located in Budhwa Shaheed village. He and Shivani wanted to marry each other. But the accused were not happy with the marriage. The accused together started planning to murder Shivani. When Shivani protested, all the accused strangled her to death. On a written complaint, the police had registered a case against the accused Saurabh, his mother Mitlesh Devi, Sunil alias Balli, Sirmaur Singh and maternal uncle Ashok for conspiracy to murder, hiding the dead body and threatening to kill. Presented 17 witnesses in evidence.

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