Father absconded with son’s girlfriend, son got him caught by police

After 13 months, he was caught with the girl in Delhi, the girl asked me to stay with her

A surprising case has come to light in Kanpur. The father eloped with the son’s girlfriend. After about 13 months, the police reached Delhi in search of the girl. Saw there that both are living together. The police reached Kanpur with both of them. When the accused Kamlesh was taken into custody and interrogated, the whole truth came to the fore.
There was no contact between father and son for 13 months. However, the son knew that it was his father who had eloped with the girl. As soon as the son came to know the father’s new mobile number and location. He immediately shared it with the police. After this the police reached Delhi. Kamlesh Kumar lives in Kanchausi village of Auraiya. Kamlesh is a mason. Arrived in 2022 to work in an under-construction house at Chakeri, Kanpur. Here he also brought his 23-year-old son. Both father and son used to do house building work.
Where the house was being built, he took a room on rent nearby. The son used to live here. While Kamlesh had gone to the village. He used to stay here only occasionally. The landlord had a 20 year old girl. During this, the son became friends with the girl. Slowly the conversation started increasing. An affair happened between the two. Father Kamlesh was watching all this. He knew about it.
Then gradually father Kamlesh started increasing closeness with the girl. Within a few days, the girl and the affair happened with Kamlesh. His son could not understand this. He understood the conversation between the father and the girl as normal. One day in March 2022, Kamlesh’s son went to work. That’s why the father chased his girlfriend away and took her with him. When the girl went missing, her relatives lodged a complaint of kidnapping against the unknown.
The relatives lodged a kidnapping case against the unknown. Since then, the Chakeri police was continuously searching for the girl. SO Ratnesh Singh told that Kamlesh’s son lived in a rented house at the girl’s house. That’s why the girl’s family members did not doubt her. However, Kamlesh’s son was aware of his father’s handiwork. But because of shyness he was not telling. For the last 1 year, the son did not have any information about the father. As soon as the son came to know about the father, he informed the family members of the girl. It was the son who gave the father’s mobile number to the relatives. Police caught both by putting the mobile number on surveillance. Police recorded the statement of 164 of the girl in front of the magistrate. According to the police, in the statement, the girl has said to stay with Kamlesh. Both were living together in Delhi for a year. Kamlesh was living his life in Delhi by working in a factory.

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