Guldar’s terror in Dehradun Chakrata area, killed three goats

Villagers had taken goats to the forest to graze, demanded action from forest department officials

Dehradun. In the forest of Nunaithat adjacent to the border of Deoghar and Bawar range belonging to Chakrata Forest Division, Guldar has given sleepless nights to the cattle herders. Guldar, while hunting in the forest, was attacked by a group of cattle and killed three goats.
Local cattle herder Govind Singh, resident of Phanar, had taken his animals and cattle to the forest of Nunaithat every day for grazing. During this time, Guldar killed three goats of the cattle herder in the forest. Frightened by the attack of the henchman, the rural cattle herder somehow saved his life by running away from there. Due to the noise made by the animal herder, people nearby reached for help.
Social activist Neetu Rana said that the people of the area are scared of the activity of Guldar in the reserved forest of Nunaithat, adjacent to the border of Deoghar Range Tuni and Bawar Range Daragad. Villagers are reluctant to take their animals to the forest to graze. The villagers fear some untoward incident due to the terror of Guldar near the populated area. For public safety, the villagers have requested the Forest Department officials to take immediate action in the matter.

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