Muzaffarnagar’s famous gangster and history-sheeter Vishal Kumar arrested in registry fraud.

Big success for Doon Police, deal finalized for Rs 2 crore 90 lakh

Dehradun. Doon Police has achieved great success in registry fraud. Muzaffarnagar’s famous gangster and history-sheeter Vishal Kumar has been arrested by the police.
Vishal Kumar works in property dealing and several cases are already registered against the accused in Muzaffarnagar. The accused has a criminal history and is also a history-sheeter from Muzaffarnagar. The accused used to come to Dehradun in connection with property.
In the year 2018, the accused met lawyer Kamal Virmani and it was through Kamal Virmani that the accused was shown the property of Swaroop Rani in Jakhan and it was also said that Swaroop Rani has died and her daughters live outside Noida and abroad. . It was Kamal Virmani who sent Vishal Kumar to lawyer Imran, after which Vishal Kumar was made to meet KP and in the year 1978, all of them together made a fake deed deed from the property Swaroop Rani situated in Jakhan in the name of Vishal Kumar’s father Mangeram. After getting it made, they were registered in the registry office with the help of his other associates.
After this, in the form of a will in the name of Mange Ram, the property located at Jakhan was shown to be in the name of Vishal Kumar and the said property was transferred to the name of Sanjay Sharma’s wife Rekha Sharma as a registry by fixing a deal with Sanjay Sharma for Rs 2 crore 90 lakhs. In which these people received Rs 45 lakh from Sanjay Sharma.
This money was divided among the above four people. Since the said property was not filed and rejected, these people again sold the said land as a registry to Kamal Jindal, resident of Dehradun, through broker Rakam Singh. In which he received Rs 40 lakh from Kamal Jindal which was distributed among all the above mentioned people.
After this, attempts were made by these people to take over the said property, when Rani’s daughter Meenakshi Sood and Kiran Dave came to know about it, FIR No. 73/2023 was registered against the accused Vishal Kumar and Sanjay Sharma at Rajpur police station.
After the case was registered, on the advice of Kamal Virmani and Imran, Vishal Kumar and Sanjay Sharma informed the then investigator about the loss of the original registry and also a missing complaint was filed by them in the year 2022 in Muzaffarnagar police station Mandi regarding the loss of the said registry.
This was also published in Muzaffarnagar newspaper. Due to non-receipt of the original documents, the charge sheet under section 420/120B IPC was sent to the Honorable Court in the case registered against them at Rajpur police station. During the interrogation of accused Vishal Kumar, names of many other accused have also come to light. A thorough investigation and evidence collection is being done against them by the SIT team. Legal action is being taken as per rules against other accused who came to light soon.

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