NASA received signal from space psychic asteroid 220 million km away from Earth

Scientists claim: 10,000 quadrillion treasure of iron, nickel and gold on Psyche asteroid
New Delhi.
The universe is full of mysteries. Scientists have been doing research for years to know these secrets. American space agency NASA launched a mission last year to unravel the mysteries of the universe.
NASA wants to get information about an asteroid named Psyche. For this, it launched the Psyche spacecraft in October 2023. Now this spacecraft has started its work. Psyche is sending signals after reaching distant space. Scientists have said that a mysterious signal has come to Earth from space. He revealed that this signal came from space about 140 million miles i.e. 220 million km away.
Scientists initially thought that aliens were sending this mysterious message, but the study revealed that the spacecraft Psyche had sent this message. After this message arrived on Earth, scientists are doing rapid research. Now this will bring new revelations.
Deep Space Optical Communications System has been installed in Psyche spacecraft. Its purpose is to make laser communication possible over long distances in space. It is said that this system is much faster than the existing systems. It has proved this by sending messages from a distance of about 22 crore km.
According to media reports, the laser communication demo interfaced with the radio frequency transmitter of the Psyche spacecraft. Then after this he successfully sent engineering data from a distance of 22 crore km. According to NASA, this is one and a half times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. NASA said that this system can send messages at a speed 10 to 100 times faster than existing space communication systems.
Psyche is full of treasures
You will be surprised to know the specialty of Psyche Asteroid. According to scientists, iron, nickel and gold may be present on it. He has estimated the value of this existing treasure at 10,000 quadrillion. NASA has launched Psyche Mission to gain information about Psyche.

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