Rain wreaks havoc in Kumaon, 20 rural roads closed, Thal-Munsiyari road closed for 12 hours, hundreds of vehicles stranded

Life has been disrupted due to torrential rains in Pithoragarh and Champawat districts since Tuesday night. 23 roads including the main road of both the districts are closed. Electricity supply was disrupted in many areas due to trees falling on the lines. Many people’s houses have developed cracks. Soil erosion and land subsidence have occurred in many areas. People are terrified due to the cracking of rocks. Many people ran away and saved their lives. At present there is no information about loss of life.

Life has been disrupted due to torrential rains in Pithoragarh district. It has been raining for two days in most places. In the last 24 hours, the highest rainfall of 180 mm was recorded in Thal and 130 mm in Bedinagar. At some places heavy debris is falling on the roads and at some places houses are in danger. Due to rain, there is silence in the markets as well. Munsiyari-Thal road remained closed for four hours due to debris and stone falling near Banik. Heavy debris also fell on the road in Phlyati of Nachani. A truck got stuck on Munsiyari road. Due to this, the traffic remained closed for a long time. The road remained closed due to stone and debris falling on Dhapa-Milam motor road.
The 50 meter boundary wall of GIC built a year ago in Bedinagar is in danger. Debris has entered the primary school Khitoli. Mahavidyalaya road has been damaged. Water has entered many houses in Treasury Line also. 20 meters of road has collapsed in Dhanoli-Sanikhet motor road. Many houses in Bana and Bhattigaon wards have come under threat. There has been a heavy landslide near the house of Kala Devi and Gopal Singh in Udiari. There has been a landslide behind the house of Kishan Ram in Kande village. Udiari Band- Chaukodi motor road remained closed for three hours due to debris. Bedinagar-Kalital-Jakhrawat road remained closed due to debris. SDM Yashveer Singh said that in view of the weather department’s alert, all officers and employees have been instructed to remain alert.

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Amid heavy rains, the security wall of the house built under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana of Divyang Gopal Ram son of Tej Ram in Tok Kamad of Lejam Gram Panchayat collapsed. A heavy branch of a neem tree broke and hung in the campus of Atal Utkrisht Government Inter College in Jhulaghat area. The Public Works Department road going from Kweitad to Haldu in Moonakot block was closed due to rock fall after heavy rains. On the other hand, debris stopped coming at many places on the Ganai-Bankot road. Later, the department sent a JCB and opened the road for traffic.

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The security wall of the house of Indra Bahadur, Lokendra Singh of Kholiya village in Askot collapsed. Due to this, the house has come under threat. Indra Bahadur Pal said that due to landslide, the courtyard wall of the house has collapsed and three houses are in danger. Due to heavy rains, 21 roads in rural areas have been closed due to debris. JCBs and workers have been deployed to open the closed roads. According to the information received from the Disaster Management Center, Khumati-Kataujia, Madkot-Bona, Malakot-Lod, Alam-Darma, Bangapani-Jarajibali, Bansbaghad-Selmani, Dekuna-Basantnagar, Nachni-Bansbaghad, Dhapa-Munsyari, Galati-Ramtoli roads are closed. Apart from these, Selmani-Bichna, Adichaura-Sini, Munsyari-Harkot-Madkot, DDhat-Dunakot, Guntdi-Patalbhuvaneshwar, Kotmanya-Pankhu, Dhidhali-Gangolihat roads have also been closed due to debris. The water level of Ramganga has increased due to rain in Thal. In view of the rise in the level of Ramganga, the police station has also informed people through loudspeakers not to go to the river bank.

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