There was a bank loan of Rs 44 lakh in the wife’s name, she had illicit relations with a female employee in the bank and the husband was murdered.

Haridwar. The truth of a woman drowning in Ganganahar has come to light in Kanwad Patri Naseerpur of Mangalore Kotwali area. The husband, along with a friend, killed his wife to get relief from the bank loan of Rs 44 lakh. He was killed by drowning in the Ganga river. The accused was planning to murder his wife for a long time, hence he was giving her cold drinks to drink for a long time. Police have registered a case against the husband and his friend.
While talking to journalists at Kotwali Civil Lines, Senior Superintendent of Police Pramendra Singh Dobal said that on February 7, Sushil, a resident of village Jalalpur Neela under Ramraj police station of North Muzaffarnagar, lodged a report in the police station stating that his daughter Manisha was married 5 years ago. It happened with Atendra, resident of village Jhadaka under Hastinapur police station of Meerut. Both have two small children. 3 years ago, Atendra had built a house in Haridwar and lived alone there while his wife Manisha lived in her in-laws’ house. Atendra very rarely came to his house.
It is alleged that he often used to abuse and beat Manisha after going home. Atendra is also reported to have illicit relations with a girl in Haridwar for last one year. On February 7, Atendra’s friend Ajay Prakash was bringing him from the village on a motorcycle. They murdered him by drowning him in the Ganga river. Senior Superintendent of Police said that from the beginning, husband Atendra and his friend Ajay Prakash alias Ravi were on the police radar.
When strictly interrogated, Ajendra told that he had taken a loan from the bank in the name of his wife Manisha and set up a flour mill in Jwalapur. There was a loan of Rs 44 lakh in the wife’s name. During this time, he had an illicit relationship with a woman working in a bank. When Manisha came to know about this, she protested. On which the accused thought of killing Manisha. He got information from the bank that if Manisha dies then the loan of Rs 44 lakh will also be waived off. After this, on February 7, he gave Manisha cold drinks and pushed her into the Ganga river. SSP said that the search for Manisha is going on in Ganganahar. The car, bike and some belongings of the deceased involved in this incident have been recovered.

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