This Muslim village “Khoona” of the mountain is an example of mutual brotherhood and harmony in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand

Muslim families are engrossed in Kumaoni customs, speech and culture, are hurt by Purola’s incident, fear is haunting them

Haldwani. In Puraula of Uttarkashi district, the fire of hatred against a particular community has started reaching other districts and towns of the state. In Haldwani also, an atmosphere is being created against the people of a particular community. Everyone is shocked and worried by these attempts to spoil the social and communal harmony in the peaceful valleys of Devbhoomi. The Muslim families of Khoona village located in Lohaghat of Champawat district, who have set an example of your brotherhood and harmony for centuries, are also deeply hurt.
This Muslim village situated in the lap of mountains is about 550 years old. This village was established by the Chand kings of Champawat. Hindu villages are settled around this village. Hindu Muslims have been supporting each other in happiness and sorrow for centuries. There is also an example of Hindu-Muslim harmony and brotherhood in Devbhoomi. But the incident of Purola, Gochar has also worried these families.
Muslim families have been living in different hill districts of Uttarakhand for decades and centuries. But in the last few years, there has been an atmosphere of hatred towards families. Such an atmosphere is being created as if Muslim families have come and settled from outside a year or two ago. Social harmony is deteriorating due to this. The Puraula incident is just an example. Panic has started in the Muslim families who have been living in the midst of hatred for centuries. One such village is the Khoona of Champawat. The people of Khuna are hurt by the atmosphere of hatred towards the Muslim community. He himself is scared.

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Chand kings rewarded Muslim Malihar families 550 years ago, Khoona village

The manual work of the Malihars was to make bangles. About 550 years ago, Champawat was the stronghold of Chand kings. His queens were fond of wearing bangles. To fulfill this hobby of queens, some kings called 6 Muslim Malihar families from Jaipur in Rajasthan to Champawat. The queens liked the bangles made by the Malihars, so the king gave a village to the Malihar families as a reward. Today the name of this village is Khoona in the map.

Muslim families are settled in the culture of Kumaon

The Muslims of this village are settled in the culture of Kumaon, situated in the midst of a Hindu-majority area. Typical Kumaoni speaking. They earn their livelihood by farming and animal husbandry. The way of life and style of the mountain has settled in their blood. However, there has also been an exodus from this village in search of employment. Families who have migrated to the cities come to the village for summer holidays.

The mosque is built for worship, they also believe in deities

A beautiful mosque has been built in the village, where Muslim families offer prayers. The mosque is said to be 150 years old. Its roof is made of stone (Pathar) on the lines of Pahari style houses. The new mosque was built 150 years ago after the 550-year-old mosque of the village was dilapidated. Latif Hussain of the village says, Uttarakhand is the land of gods. The Muslim families of the village believe in all the gods and goddesses. Let’s respect him. Latif explains, their houses are made of traditional style. In the carvings of the doors and windows of the houses, figures of many deities have been made from Hanuman ji. It is said that the above one is one. He can be called by any name.

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This is the incident of Purola
It is said that on June 26, a minor was going for a walk with two of her friends. One of them was a Muslim youth, while the other was a Hindu. Some people caught hold of the youths and accused them of abducting the minor. The police arrested both the accused youths. After this incident, an atmosphere was created against the Muslim community in Puraula and some people pasted outside the shops of Muslim traders asking them to vacate the shops by June 15. Since then Muslim families are migrating from there. In view of the tension, section 144 was imposed there. Although now section 144 has been removed

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