Three clinics seized in Haldwani countryside, seven quacks ran away after closing the clinics

Health department’s action on illegal clinics in Lalkuan, Halduchod and Bindukhatta area

Haldwani. The Health Department on Tuesday seized three clinics in Lalkuan, Halduchod and Bindukhatta areas for illegally practicing allopathic practices. Seven quacks closed their clinics and disappeared.
The team took action under the leadership of ACMO Dr. Rashmi Pant and Medical Officer in-charge Dr. Harish Pandey. At VK Clinic located in Halduchod main market, the doctor was found doing allopathic practice on the basis of electro homeopathic degree. Allopathic medicines were also available here. A fine of Rs 2500 was imposed on the operator. Allopathic practice was being done under the guise of a medical store on Gaula Road. Those in whose name the license is also not found on the spot. Neither biomedical waste was being disposed of. A fine of Rs 5000 was imposed on the operator. The clinic was being operated under a tin shed at Sanjaynagar in Bindukhatta. Allopathic medicines were also found here in abundance. A fine of Rs 5000 was imposed on the operator for not being able to produce any document related to the practice. The above was also invoiced earlier. The operator had submitted an affidavit in the Chief Medical Officer’s office not to operate the clinic in future. All the three clinics have been sealed

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