Video of village children playing with Guldar’s cubs goes viral

In Sirkot village of Bageshwar Garud, female heifer gave birth to three cubs in a closed house.

Bageshwar. The female Guldar has given birth to three cubs in Sirkot village of Garuda. Guldar has given birth to cubs in such a house of the village, the house was empty for many years. Guldar made the cowshed of the house a safe place.
The villagers told that for the past several days there is movement of Guldar in the area. Meanwhile, the female Guldar has given birth to three cubs. The children of the village are playing with the cubs. His video is going viral.
The concern of the villagers has increased further. The villagers have informed the Forest Department. The forest department said that the female Guldar has taken away two of the three cubs with her, one cub is still intact in the old house. CCTV cameras are being monitored around the house. The villagers have also been strictly instructed not to tamper with the cubs of Guldar, otherwise the female Guldar can become violent

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