In Uttarakhand, even if the second child is twin, they will be able to contest three-tier Panchayat elections.

Floodplain areas of Haridwar and Dehradun notified
In the three-tier Panchayat elections, those people will also be able to contest elections, whose first child and second child are twins. The second twin will be considered one unit. The government presented the bill related to amendment in the Panchayati Raj Act in the budget session of the Assembly on Tuesday.
There is a provision in the Panchayati Raj Act that a person who has more than two living children will not be eligible to contest Panchayat elections. In such a situation, those people whose second child is a twin were not able to contest the elections. The number of his surviving children was approaching three. In view of this, a demand was being raised that twin children should also be considered as one unit.
In the meeting of the state cabinet held in January, approval was given to bring a bill to amend the Panchayati Raj Act. The government presented it in the House on Tuesday. It has been clarified in the bill that if the first child of a person is a twin and they are alive then its number will be counted as two. Permission to contest elections will be granted only if the second child is a twin with the first child.
The area from Haripur Kalan to Chandipul on the right bank of river Ganga in Haridwar district and from Dhalwala Drain to Pashulok Barrage and from Pashulok Barrage to Haripur Kalan in Rishikesh area of Dehradun district have been notified as flood plain zones. This notification was issued after the approval of the Chief Minister on January 8. A bill related to this was also presented in the House on Tuesday.

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